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Music Submission/Review

One of the most difficult things for a singer/songwriter is to get an honest opinion on their music. 

As a moderatly experienced professional in this field, I offer you an honest, generalized review (about 300 words or 3 minutes of video) of your song in three essential areas:

  • Writing (lyrics,melody, chords, etc)

  • Performance (playing & singing)

  • Production (arrangement & recording)

With this information, you can determine if your song is ready to release or if it is in need of revision, either in writing, performance or recording.

All I ask is a modest $10 per song for the time it takes me to listen and write and email or create a video reply. This usually takes up to 3 business days. If you need to contact me before or after a submission, please click here.

You will need a valid link to submit your song. Does not need to be public. (soundcloud is the best for this, but youtube or even dropbox is will do).

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