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St. Charles, MO 63301

314-266-8783 (voice or text)

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The Soundbox

(Alvin's personal recording studio)

Available for all forms of audio production including video:

  • Music writing support

  • Audio recording, mixing and mastering

  • Voiceovers and audio books

  • Audio editing

  • Soundesign for video and film

  • Audio production training and some instrument lessons

  • Rental and rehearsal

Music Credit

Need credit info for a song? Most songs on my soundcloud page list credits as they should appear if being used in sync licensing (permission reuired unless you are a commercial level patron).


line credit example: 

"Song Title"

Written and performed by-line (Default can be Alvin Zamudio)

© year

     optional: Available on (itunes or web link)


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