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My current studio location is The Blue Room in the Painted Sky Creative Lounge at 501-505 Clark Street, St. Charles, MO 63301. 

Recording rates are available hourly or per song or per album. 

• Standard Hourly*: $60 first the first hour, $25 per half hour additional. This requires a one hour minimum but no deposit unless more than 3 hours are being scheduled.  No walk ins. Must set up appt. by calling or texting 314-266-8783.

*FYI for new clients: if you are rehearsed and prepared, most songs with just a few tracks can be recorded and mixed down in as little as an hour, up to two hours max. Issues such as adding or tweaking instruments/sounds, transferring a beat (hip hop), performance struggles or pitch issues will incur more time.

• Standard Package rate (per song or per album): Negotiated per instance, based on projects needs. We can discuss by calling or texting 314-266-8783.

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