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I'm changing the way I do music forever!

Alvin Zamudio on

What's this, now? Who? Where?

Some people have questioned it, but in the end, it makes more sense than any other way for an artist to try and survive while creating. Patronage is an old way of supporting creatives. It enabled artists to create as a job because patrons, who believed in the artist and the work being created offered some financial support on an ongoing basis.

Patreon has now taken this to the micro-funding level, allowing artists all over the world to be supported by their fans for mere pocket change, which can add up to significant income. In some cases this comes to about $15,000 a month! In my case, fans of my work to support me for as little a $2 a month in exchange for all my works made available to for download. You can visit my creator page to learn more:, And if you are an artist of any kind, it's free to start a your own page and gather your own patrons!

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