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Your music is important to you. And the quality of your production should only compliment it. And with consideration for how expensive professional studio recording can be, over the past few years, these have become the most common packages to help songwriters and performers accomplish their production goals. For more details, feel free to call or contact. For standard hourly pricing, click here.

Pro Demo/Mixtape

Best for: Singer/songwriter demo, Karaoke singer or hip hop music production

  • Up to 4 hours per song

  • Record up to 4 tracks

  • Includes Mixing & Mastering

  • Use any backup track, beat or record your own instrument*


per song

(1-2 songs)


per song

(3-6 songs)



per song

(7+ songs)





Pro Classic

Best for: Novice music artist seeking professional tracks for sale or licensing.

  • Up to 6 hours per song

  • Record up to 8 tracks

  • Includes Mixing & Mastering

  • Use any instrumentation 
    (computer based or live available)**


per song

(1-2 songs)


per song

(3-6 songs)



per song

(7+ songs)



Pro Gold

Best for: Seasoned music artist seeking professional tracks for sale or licensing.

  • Up to 10 hours per song

  • Record up to 12 tracks

  • Includes Mixing & Mastering

  • Use any instrumentation 
    (computer based or live available)**


per song

(1-2 songs)

per song

(3-6 songs)


per song

(7+ songs)





IMPORTANT DETAILS (don't skip over this!):

These packages do NOT include a producer or music writing or musical performance without agreement or terms.

*This includes use of your personal or studio keyboard for playing studio soft synth instrument libraries or from from your own device.

**Does not include studio musician time. 

Other stuff: 

  • Project includes two (2) revision sessions. Additional time will be billed at the standard hourly rate (packages receive an hourly discounted rate down to $35/hr).

  • Maximum track length is 7 minutes.

  • Time does not need to be used in one session, but remaining SINGLE time cannot be rolled over or transferred to another project unless you qualify for an EP or full album discount.

  • Client owns all masters (in case you don't know, this is a good thing).


COMING SOON: Call or contact for pricing.

For those needing more customized studio work or for super small projects.
Current as of November 2017 and subject to change without notice. Please see TERMS at bottom.


Standard Studio Time* 

For recording and production of multitrack digital audio, karaoke, hip hop beats and more. Up to 50% will be required before session.

(max 20 tracks at a time):

1 hour: $55

2-5 hour(s): $50/hr

6- 9 hours: $45/hr

10-19 hour block: $40/hr

20-29 hour block: $35/hr

30+ hour block: $30/hr

NEW: Pay as you go blocks: + $5/hr
How it works: Commit to a time block package (above) you are allowed prepay for just the amount of time you want plus $5/hr. For example, if you commit to a 10 hour block, you could buy outright for $350 or tae a few weeks to pay $80 weekly for up to 2 hours or $160 biweekly for up to 4 hours. Contact for details


Audio Editing (of existing audio)

For repairing, consolidating, transferring or reformatting existing audio files (does not include mixing):*

1-4 hour(s): $25/hr

5-9 hours: $22/hr

10-29 hours: $20/hr

30+ hours: $15/hr


Consultation, Producing & Training

In studio, via phone, online or on site:

(travel time will be included in total):* 

1-4 hour session: $25/hr

5 hour block: $20/hr

10 hour block: $15/hr

30 hour block: $10/hr



  1.  50% deposit required BEFORE booking. 

  2. Time blocks do not need to be used sequentially but are valid for up to 3 months from date of purchase. 

  3. Please alert Alvin to the amount of visitors coming for your session in case planning is needed for space.

  4. Lateness/Rescheduling: Unless you contact Alvin at least 3 hours before your session to alert to and discuss lateness or rescheduling, your session clock will begin at the scheduled time.

  5. NO refunds on up front time purchases after 1 week (7 days) from the date of purchase. Unused time to be refunded will be refunded less the discount of the time purchased if the remianing time is less than what is required for a block discount.  


Call or text Alvin at 314-266-8783 for details, requests, offers or package rates or send an email from the contact page.

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