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Music by Alvin Zamudio

If you're not a patron, you can download music at:
Below are links to soundcloud playlists for each genre of music in which Alvin writes. To get access to ALL of his music for your downloading & listening pleasure, consider becoming a patron.

Singer/Songwriter & Acoustic Music

Acoustic based music, typically with vocals. This may also include some jazz and latin infusion.


Trip Hop & Downtempo

Slower-paced electronic music with more relaxed, repetitive grooves and loops, often played over ambient soundscapes. Includes subgenres such as Chill, Lounge, Trip hop and Acid Jazz.


Chill Wave / Dream Pop 

Electronic genres reminiscent of 80's musical innovation & instrumentation with modern progressions and ideas.


EDM/Big Beat/Chemical

Faster pased, beat driven electronic/hybrid music typically featuring distorted, driving basslines and melodies over hard rhythms.



Background electronic music soundscapes, typically without any overt rhythm.



Soundtrack & Commercial


 Music for film, television and video. May include music from all other genres.

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