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Recording & Producing by Alvin Zamudio

As Alvin's roots are in audio production as well as songwriting, below are tracks he has produced for others at his home studio in St. Charles that may also include his arranging and performing. Contact him for more information on having him record and/or produce your next project.

Recent Release:

New Ground

Chris Griffith

Recorded & produced by Alvin Zamudio
available on itunes and most other digital music stores or directly from artist at
What can Alvin do for you?

Available for all forms of audio production including video:

  • Music writing support

  • Audio recording, mixing and mastering

  • Karaoke and Hip Hop vocal recording

  • Podcasts & Videocasts

  • Voiceovers and audio books

  • Audio editing

  • ADR & Sound design for video and film

  • Audio production training and some instrument lessons

  • Rental and rehearsal

  • Performances and gatherings


What are Alvin's Rates?

Current as of September 2018 and subject to change without notice. Please see TERMS at bottom.


Standard Studio Time (Deposit Required)

For recording and production of

multitrack digital audio, karaoke, hip hop beats and more. Up to 50% will be required before session.

(max 20 tracks at a time):*

1- 5 hour session: $50/hr

6- 9 hour session: $45/hr

10- 19 hour block: $40/hr

20 - 29 hour block: $35/hr

30+ hour block: $30/hr

NEW: Pay as you go blocks: + $5/hr
How it works: Commit to a time block package (above) you are allowed prepay for just the amount of time you want plus $5/hr. For example, if you commit to a 10 hour block, you could buy outright for $350 or tae a few weeks to pay $80 weekly for up to 2 hours or $160 biweekly for up to 4 hours. Contact for details


Audio Editing

For repairing, consolidating, transferring or reformatting existing audio files (does not include mixing):*

1-4 hour session: $29/hr

5 hour block: $25/hr

10 hour block: $19/hr

30 hour block: $15/hr


Consultation, Producing & Training

In studio, via phone, online or on site:

(travel time will be included in total):* 

1-4 hour session: $25/hr

5 hour block: $20/hr

10 hour block: $15/hr

30 hour block: $10/hr



  1. Time blocks do not need to be used sequentially and are valid for up to 3 months from date of purchase.

  2. Please alert Alvin to the amount of visitors coming for your session in case planning is needed for space.

  3. Lateness/Rescheduling: Unless you contact Alvin at least 3 hours before your session to alert to and discuss lateness or rescheduling, your session clock will begin at the scheduled time.

  4. NO refunds on up front time purchases after 1 week (7 days) from the date of purchase. Unused time to be refunded will be refunded less the discount of the time purchased if the remianing time is less than what is required for a block discount.


Call or text Alvin at 314-266-8783 for details, requests, offers or package rates or send an email from the contact page.

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