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Dying to Survive.


Earning a living as an artist can be precarious. Most career artists do not choose it for the money, it chooses them because of a driving passion that simply cannot be stifled. But since art is a subjective field in which talent alone is not the only factor in the artist's success, weathering the time it takes for creating, refining and promoting ourselves and our work can be taxing on the budget.

In an effort to reduce my odds, I not only offer my works for sale online, I also offer the option of crowd micro-funding in return for downloads and a more exclusive relationship with my work and creative process. Via, my patrons can offer me a small monthly stipend (that is less than a cup of coffee) in exchange for all my creative works such as music, some music from artists I produce, my visual art and more. With this ongoing support, I am more enabled to grow in my field with less of the worry of dying while trying to make a living.

To learn more, watch my video or visit my patreon page at, or contact me directly.

What is "Patreon"?
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